They Says!

What a delight it is to recommend a truly amazing developer. I give my wholehearted recommendation of Padam Thapa. Padam headed up the very complex project of our new application making the user experience seamless for our customers. He thinks through every detail offering solutions to the most complex challenges. His passion and pride for his work is apparent in everything he does. Padam delivers on time and performs beyond the call of duty. He listens carefully and with patience, then provides thoughtful feedback. His unique combination of technical brilliance and artistry has brought added value to our project in ways we never imagined. Working with Padam is a pleasure and he is a treasure both as a professional and a person. We are truly blessed to have been introduced to this fine man.

Barbara Carey, President and CEO at Carey & Co

Padam has a contagious passion for the work he does. This excitment rubs off on his clients and instills confidence. He is a avid problem-solver and enjoys being challenged as such. He has a very personable nature and produces a high quality of work. Thumbs up

Keith Friedlander, CEO and Founder at Winnergy Apps

I've been developing iPhone apps with Padam for the past year or so. I've been very happy with what he has produced and particularly with his lateral thinking enabling us to find solutions to complex issues.

Damian Hehir, Founder & Ceo at Capylabs