Fallout: The Good, Bad and Ugly

Fallout: New Vegas was my first entry into fallout franchise. I played fallout 3 afterwards. I really want to share my honest experience. The Good, Bad and Ugly.
I am not an experienced RPG gamer. I am more into First Person/Third Person Shooters, Stealth and Adventure Genres. MGS franchise, Uncharted Series and so on. Fallout3/New Vegas is considered RPG Shooter. Anyhow my first taste/teaser of RPG elements was Borderlands and Spiral Knights. I mentioned teaser because they contains some subset of RPG traits but not a whole RPG game.

With Borderlands I was hooked for 4 reasons:

    Character Level/Skills
    Weapons Loot

With Spiral Knights:

    Character Level
    Weapons Upgrade/ recipes

Those were the traits that really gave me first taste of RPG pinch. I loved it. Borderlands is a First Person Shooter with some RPG elements and Spiral Knights is Massive Multiplayer Online with RPG traits.
When I played New Vegas it hit me hard good. I was hooked for hours. Gameplay was immersive and also provided New elements to me. It had all those traits that I loved on Borderlands & Spiral Knights with More RPG and bit realism; I guess I can say that.

Fallout 3/New Vegas had in Common:

    Character Level/Skills/Perks

The Good. It was the familiar territory that I loved with extra dose of RPG and realism. Every Activity I do in a game is logged that gives a punch of more realism. Scavenging for items in open world. Non-linear side quest. Exploration. Sneak Sniping. Trading. Weapons. Dialogues. Enemies. Post Apocalyptic. That is the simple explanation of why I loved it.

The Bad. Combat, Graphics & Character Models. It really doesn’t matter else I wouldn’t have played game for hours but there is nothing wrong with wishing for better graphics and Model animations. Animation of character models are weird and doesn’t feel smooth. Combat is really not very smooth if you are coming from Third Person/First Person shooters like me. VATS are cool but I really didn’t enjoyed much due to technical bugs which I will cover in The Ugly part. To overcome this I made sniper build, remember sniper aim isn’t accurate hence you need to follow this guide for awesome sniping. You also need to keep practising to get awesome. It was my best sniping experience while sneaking through whole DC ruins and Open World.

The Ugly. Awesome gameplay came with technical faults. I am a playstation gamer. Many people complained about New Vegas Freezing issue. I had it too. I followed many tips available on web. Best solution for me was to turn off all auto-saves and my freezing was restricted to every 4 hours. Which is fine if you regularly keep saving manually. Sometimes Game never freeze but little FPS drop for a second. Hence I never faced too much crash like most people faced with this game.

Fallout 3 was the real Pain in the ass. I initiate dialogue: Freeze, I initiate VATS: Freeze, I move: Freeze. It was constant freezing. It was total unplayable for me. I gave up. I was stubborn and wanted to make it play somehow so I followed tips around web and found one good solution. This solution didn’t worked but claims it works for many other gamers. Then I did one Hit and trial, I didn’t installed the 1.61 patch and solution worked. Really it worked. I installed 1.61 patch again to confirm it and it confirmed. Hence I played the original game without patches and followed the tips and it was playable but freezes are there. Freeze is part of this game that you need to embrace. Drawback was that I couldn’t earn trophies because trophies were introduced in later patches of the game.

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