Bionic commando prototype: Cocos2d-x

Just Cause, Spider man, Bionic commando, Ada wong. What are they? They swing and climb buildings/roof using grappling hook or spider webs. I spent my weekend trying to make simple prototype where I can make object climb and swing using grappling hook. First thing that I had to take care was physics. To finish my prototype quickly I decided to use box2d to take care of my all physics that I needed. I’ll be writing more on code, obstacles I faced and things I learned on my next second part of the post. For now check out the video of my weekend pass time.


  • Excellent work Paddy, a weekend spent well.

  • […] Previously, i had posted about the basic template that i had worked on; where player fires up a hook into walls and swing. I have uploaded the source code to github. Its written over basic Helloworld remplate that comes with when you create any coco2d-x project. It uses box2D for hook physics. […]

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