Adding Texture: Unity3D primitive shape

A quick post to show on adding textures to primitive GameObject in unity3d. I will use a cube here. We need two things: Texture and Material. Texture is mapped to GameObject using Material. A Material defines properties like texture, color that is used for rendering. Textures are generally images but it can be other media also. You can browse and download free texture images from cgtextures website.

Create a folder within Assets to keep textures. You can create another to keep materials.

  • After adding texture to the folder, create a material (Assets->Create Material). Select material, Inspector window will show properties for material.

All property details are provided here in documentation. Now drag the Texture image to placeholder or press select to choose the texture. Go through the doc and play around with shader, tiling properties.

  • Now just drag the material to the GameObject at hierarchy panel.

Cube has the texture now.


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