spritual,mental,and physical freedom

Are not we searching for freedom like spritual freedom,mental freedom and physical freedom,if answer is yes, then we have to remind once again the seven principles required to get all kind of freekdom and these principles came into existence by more than 25 years of hard work with more than 25000 failures and more than 500 success, and that seven principles of freedom are following
1.definiteness of purpose
2.mastery over self
3.learning from adversity
4.controlling environmental influence(association)
5.Time( giving permanency to positive,rather than negative thought habbits and developing wisedom)
6.harmony(acting with definiteness of purpose to become the dominanting influence in your own mental,spiritual,and physical environment)
7.caution(thinking through your plan before you act)

life’s plan

98 percent of the world’s population live their life without planning of their life,they keep going with life as circumstances drag them ,like dust particles moving towards the direction of the wind,in another word we can say life of compromise but to get happiness,peace ,harmony; one should have life’s plan and definiteness of purpose and should take actions accordingly then only one can get the happiness and freedom.

results of dominating thought

We are in present situation due to our dominating thought process,dominating thought process can be analyse by self by mindfully observe our thought ,which thought is coming into your mind again and again , most of the time, that dominanting thought is the reason behind making you happy or sad,healthy or sick,rich or poor,as our action is the product of our dominating thought ,thought becomes dominant when it seeps into subconcious mind and act the action accordingly and we get the result as per the action,so we should be careful while choosing any thought .

Education for what?

What  is Education?

Education is just not limited to go to schools and colleges and learn to read , write and speak,give exams,pass exams and get the good grades and get the the job ….


Do u think this is the real objective of education?

Then what do u think????????????

Real education is- it helps you to face and solve the challenges of your life while you are on your way towards life’s journey,so you are  to be educated in such a manner so that you can face and solve the every challenges of your life,it helps you to  think your own thought  with out the thought influence of parents,teachers,friends,societies,trends,philosophies,etc ,it makes you creative,  helps you to live with out fear ,helps you to  live independently,helps you to find out the root cause of the any problem  and the solution…..