The choices they had many
That taken for granted
Turned freedom the weightless grainy
Now they feel so dead

Blind dove

Every breath imposed
To chase the light,
Being cheated of darkness
In every flight,
Falls the burnt feathers
Of the blind dove.

-Padam Thapa

They favoured fate

Words poured out of him,
They drank on it by their slings.
Inebriate of verses,
They swayed under his strings.

Knew nothing before, nothing after.
Had nothing before, nothing after.
Clung to a grain of wisdom,
They reeled through their daily rhythm.

Chose to hibernate,
They favoured fate.


-Padam ‘Paddy’ Thapa

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

A sempiternal desire to taste
the glimmer of star,
To smell the sublime breath
of alive somewhere far,
To hear the subtle
whisper of gust;
Must stab the crust
to clear the blood moon.

– Padam ‘Paddy’ Thapa




The young fledgling is on the prowl
—keeping up with urban—
With nature’s hand laid on,
Carrying dreams of many.

Flowing through its throat,
With clear and subtle divinity,
The fertile essence of Tinau
Quench the thirst of many.

Drifting over soil and asphalt,
With groans of love & sighs of blue,
The boisterous wind
Speak the voice of many.


— Padam ‘Paddy’ Thapa